Félix de Inchaurraga commercializes mainly, with the maximum guarantee of quick delivery times and quality, the following products:


Metallurgical Coke is used as an iron-ore reducing agent in blast furnaces, in reducing other minerals such as manganese and silicon in the manufacturing of ferro alloy, and in the recycling and recovering of steel waste dusts, as well as in the production of calcium carbide.


Dry Coke is mainly used in the electric arc furnace steel industry, both for adding carbon to melting and as a reducing agent of iron-ore in the foamy slag process. It is also used in the manufacture of electrodes.

In sizes under 3 mm., usually identified as foaming slag coke, its consumption is of vital importance for the electric arc furnace steel industry.

Our dry material is supplied in bulk, in tanker trucks, in big-bags and in bags of 10 to 20 Kilos. We also have other carbon products such as anthracite and recarburizer, all backed by the guarantee of a long track record and extensive experience in the sector.